Additional Applications


Heritage Applications
Grade II heritage resources (i.e. heritage resources that are of provincial significance/as stipulated in section 8(1) of the National Heritage Resources Act) require a separate application, and typically relates to buildings that are older than 60 years of age.
Demolition Permit Applications
When a property owner wants to demolish a structure, a demolition permit is required. In addition, the Council may instruct a property owner to demolish a building or demolition may be required as part of a building plan application. In nearly all instances, you will need a permit from Council to carry out demolition work. This includes special applications to demolish Heritage Buildings.
Wayleaves Applications
A Wayleave entitles the holder only the right to use certain land in a specified manner. Generally used in the case of roads where the developer requests the right to work in the “road reserve” to bury cables or access utility lines. The application is necessary for Roads Dept to monitor and control all work within the road reserve so that it conforms with policy.
General Business Licenses
These include: Liquor License Applications; Health and Safety Certificates; Flammable Liquid Certificates; NHBRC Certificates; License to Trade Applications etc.