Highlighting the importance of Land Use, Building Code and Municipal Compliance and why making it easy is so important to us!

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Compliance failures degrade a brand’s value and equity, thus negatively impacting a company’s reputation that could result in in client losses, governance failures and possible lawsuits due to malfeasance.

Our goal is to protect organisations from the cost of non-compliance in the property industry and built environment by harnessing our advanced automation technology solutions together with our unique skills in the town planning, council advisory, and municipal services arenas.

The numerous regulatory requirements and frameworks can be complex and ever-changing and remaining constantly informed is a challenge for most property managers, architects, developers and design houses. We have an inside-out understanding of development compliance across numerous Metros and this is crucial if you want to safeguard your portfolio from the dangers of non-compliance. 

The UPSIDE of being compliant when it comes to your property……

1. Keep cost in check   
– Property Valuation and objections; 
– Municipal overcharge cost recovery; 
– Utility management; and 
– Sustainable energy solutions.

2. Unlocking finance 
– Development bonds 
– Sale and purchase agreements.  

3. Unlocking earning opportunities 
– Capitalising on profitable trends by knowing your land use rights or by altering the land rights to achieve your goals
– Convert dead space to advertising income.

4. Avoiding Risk and Unnecessary Cost 
– Stop Notice and Monetary fines for non-compliance impacting your bottom line and damaging your brand’s value;
– Fire and Health Risks; and
– Insurance cover nullification.

Regulatory compliance describes the goal that organisations aspire to achieve in their efforts to ensure that they are aware of, and take steps to comply, with relevant laws, policies, and regulations

Compliance heightens consistency, which in turn creates a more secure future, builds trust amongst clients and investors and empowers your community. 

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