Municipal Accounts & Valuations


Clearance Figures and Certificates
We understand the nature and urgency linked to the acquisition and disposal of fixed assets and have well trained and highly skilled staff that can assist with the rectification of the services enabling clearance figures to be obtained quicker.
Our Refunds Department has developed a service that can process speedy refunds and / or transfer of funds applications on behalf of property owner, including deceased estates.
Registration of Sectional Title Scheme
Newly registered sectional title schemes have become a core service offered as this is vital for the allocation of services. 
Valuation and Rates Disputes
Council’s valuation procedures can negatively affect your rates due to the city. If you are not in agreement with the valuation that has been assigned by the council, you may object to this valuation within certain prescribed objection periods.
Water and Electricity Enquiries, Refunds, Removal Of Meters After Demolition
Incorrect billing and faulty meters will be investigated through a process of site visits and consultation and refunds processed if necessary
Change of Ownership on Municipal Accounts
Creation of municipal accounts for new property owners can be quite a daunting experience and we provide a solution to assist new owners with a smooth transition.