Town & Regional Planning

“Town planning is the process of managing land resources. It involves the control of existing and new developments, as well as strategy preparation to ensure manage future requirements. It is a dynamic process that changes in response to policy, development proposals and local needs.”


The first step behind a proposed development is to verify the land legal compliance of the prospective property, in terms of zoning and surveyor general information. Most potential developments fail at the Inception Phase as the basic land legal compliance tick-box exercise is not performed.


Our specialist Town & Regional Planning division exists to guide clients throughout the entire town planning process from Inception to Land Legal Compliance, ensuring a prospective property is ready for a potential development. Failure to comply with Town Planning Regulations may result in various fines such as Council issuing building demolition orders, hefty fines as well as legal action on behalf of council. TownCrowd specialises in various Town & Regional Consultation and Compliance as follows:


  • Prospective Development Feasibility Studies
  • Rezoning (Amendment Scheme) Applications
  • Consolidation Applications
  • Subdivision Applications
  • Township Establishment Applications
  • Consent Use (Permission) Applications