Utility Management Vendors


Income Generating Opportunities!
We are looking for highly motivated people who are seeking sales commission-only opportunities where you rely on your own initiative and the annuity income rewards are substantial.
We are looking for business customers who want to accurately measure their electricity costs and avoid over-charges – and prepare for under-charges – on their monthly use of electricity. 
We sell measurement units for an upfront unit & installation cost and a monthly maintenance cost for 36-months thereafter. 
The opportunity is for you to earn up to R100 per unit sold per month for a period of at least 36-months (most contracts roll over indefinitely). 
If that sounds low, here is the maths:
1. 10 units is R1,000 per month (R36,000 lifetime).
2. 100 units is R10,000 per month (R360,000 lifetime).
3. 1,000 units is R100,000 per month(R3,600,000 lifetime).
There are thousands of businesses in South Africa who are uncertain about their monthly electricity charges. A client of ours sold their building (before we came into existence) because they could not accurately calculate their monthly electricity use. That’s a massive lost opportunity on monthly income and capital gains!
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